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Which .NET Core Do You Need

November 6, 2019 17:15

Which .NET Core Do You Need (edit)


Publishing .NET Core Application in IIS


https://viblo.asia/p/trien-khai-ung-dung-aspnet-core-tren-iis-924lJYBXZPM (tiếng Việt)

1/. Cài đặt .NET Core Windows Server Hosting Bundle

2/. Khi cài đặt .NET Core Windows Server Hosting Bundle hoàn thành, hoặc là khởi động lại hệ thống hoặc là chạy tuần tự các lệnh bên dưới trong CMD với quyền Administrator:

net stop was /y
net start w3svc

IIS - How To Host A .NET Core Application In 10 Steps


Download Sizes

To give a quick perspective of what each of these three different SDKs look like (on Windows) in terms of size, here's a screen shot of all three packages:

Download Page

That's a lot of options and frankly every time I install or update a version I forget what exactly I should install.

Microsoft recently updated the download page to make things a little bit easier to understand.

Note the info icons and the included in .NET Core SDK notes, which highlights that if you install the SDK you pretty much get everything.


To summarize what works best for Windows installs:

For Server Installs

  • Windows: Use the Windows Server Hosting Bundle
  • Mac/Linux: Instal .NET Core Runtime + ASP.NET Core Runtimes

For Development Machines

  • Install the SDK
  • or on Windows: Visual Studio

For absolutely minimal .NET Core Installs

  • Install the Runtime only

If you also use the ASP.NET Runtime Meta packages

  • Install the ASP.NET Runtimes

Hope this helps some of you out.


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