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Fundamentals Concepts in C#, ASP.NET, WCF

March 27, 2022 11:08

Fundamentals Concepts in C#, ASP.NET, WCF (edit)

var vs dynamic key word
multicast delegate, what happens if 3 methods returns 3 diff types
Binary search over linear search
Rest Services
WCF: logging client ip on server side without adding it from wcf client using message inspector
HTTP handler over .aspx files
Events fires in iis when hitting an aspx page
Thread Safety in singleton
project architecture
design pattern used in ur project
select a date in back and get all months having first day as Sunday.
What is IDisposable
what is impersonation.
Diff between cluster and non-cluster index
impact on performance using indexes
when to use structure over class

method overloading in wcf.
can we use WCF service dll in a client witout using endpoints.
diff between class and interface.
what's new in sql server 2008
what's new in C# 4.
How would you improve performance of a SP
generate a hierarchy from a table having data with parent-child relation
steps in code review
what warning we face if a virtual method of base class is not overridden in child class
what is static class
dispose vs finalize
role of using key world in c#
if we don't use [OperationContract] then what would will happed?
when we create a asp.net wcf website, then name the three major files.
for a private assembly LocalCopy is true or false
what is CLS
What is dirty read?
Where SQL jobs are stored?
What is locking?
Diff between AngularJS and javascript?
What is role of script manager?
diff between varchar and nvarchar?
SQL Server Performance tuning.
what is ABC in WCF
what types of binding available in WCF
diff between . and # in jQuery
write a code block to call ajax call in jquery
diff table variable and temp table 
diff between cluster and non-cluster indexes
scope of CTE?
types of cacheing?
constant vs read only fields

when we hit like x.com, what events fires in IIS
code for writing factorial
diff IEnumberable and IList
what is HTTP handler? and tell about IHttpHandler interface
types of state management options in .NET
page life cycle
sequence of module and handler (mhpm)
how we can remove sub-query from SELECT * FROM EMP where ID is not in (sub query)?
types of joins?
custom http handler for image/pdf file.

REST services
write code to print Fibonacci series
alternative of cursor
what new is in C#
query to remove duplicate records from a table.
query to get parent child relationship from a table using self join and CTE
what is full outer join and cartesian join
Angular.js vs Knockout.js vs Node.js? what is less.js?
what is CTE?
what is static class
how to prevent inserting multiple rows in DB (use unique constraint)

public class Emp { public void GetAge() {return 45;} }
public class Emp1 : Emp { public void GetAge() {return 45;} }
will it compile?

query for concatenating column values separated by ',' for each customer
types of triggers?
protection level and security in WCF

how to handle thousands of hits in sql server db instance? suggest options?
what is GAC
int Sum(int32 x, int 32y)
int Sum(int64 x, int64 y)
will above code compile ? if then on executing code Sum(1,2), which one will be invoked?

diff types of state management techniques
in-proc and out of proc session state management
Web Farm and Web Garden?
diff between delete and truncate
what is collation 
diff table variable and temp table
diff between cluster and non-cluster indexes
can we use try catch block in a cursor to ignore an error.
what is CTE?
how we can improve sql server performance
code review techniques?
what is DCL?
how can we improve performance of sp
what is co-related sub query?
what would you prefer? inline query or SP?
can we put redirect link in a gridview control and how
how to improve asp.net page performance  
what is pillars of OOPs? 
What are SDLC?
basics about scrum?
what are views? can we delete/update/add records using views?
in asp.net page there is master page, then page, then two user controls in page. if one clicks on user control button then, what are event sesuencing?
types of cacheing?
how many non-cluster can we have?
what is IsPostBack?
waht are ASP.NET temporary files?
diff between dataset and data reader?
val and ref types, heap and stack and boxing and unboxing
a class have an int field. so where int field would be stored?
Multilevel and multiple inheritance in C#.

singleton design pattern

WAP to check for palindrome number
get first two numbers from a sorted array of ints whose sum is 47. Also optimize it order.
what is WCF?
Types of filter types in WCF routing service?
Service versioning via routing and service contract.
protocol bridging in wcf routing service.
getting sum of +ve and -ve number from a int column in sql server
What are the challanges to deploy a website in Load Balancing environment?
HTTP Handler to fetch imges from database?
How QA process is done in MIS?
What is single sign off?
How to manage file saving in load balancing mode?
WCF security, How authentication is manage in WCF and who manages certificates/token?
WAP to count occurrence of 'o' in a given string.
WAP to count total numbers of zeros from 1 to n.
WAP to eliminate duplicate occurrence of integers from a set = {1,1,1,2,3,3,4,4,4,4,9,9}
WAP for simple Threading in C#.
There are four interfaces having a method with same name. How a class implements these interfaces?
An Interface has four methods say m1,m2,m3,m4. Now there is a base class A and a child class of A
say B. A implements Interface. Now design class A and B such that A override methods m1 and m2 & B override m3 and m4.
types of functions in SQL and how we can use table valued function in SP
diff CTE and temp table
performance of SP
default isolation level for the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine
HTTP Handler and give an example of the same in your project
Why you have static classes for utility class
Can a class has private access specifier?[You can create a private class, as a member of another type]
if we disable cookie, then how form authentication work?
Fault Contract and structural fault handling in WCF
Entity Framework: how you will save and entity in DB
Exception handling in your project.
single sign on and WIF
how to update product price category wise?
order of execution of instance and static constructors in a class hierarchy.
How instance and class level members and variables are stored in memory.
what is form authentication.
what is impersonation.
page life cycle in master, parent and child controls.
how to improve performance of a sp.
CTE and diff between table variable and CTE.
temp tables?
diff between factory and IOC.
locking and read only cursor.

what is lambda expression.
which design pattern you have used in your project?
new features of SQL Server 2008.
there is a virtual method in a base class and a child class override that method. Now there is another child of child class.
We want to prevent that method to be overridden in second child class. how will do that?
Class vs interface.
there is button control on a web page. now we refresh that page. which events would be fired again?
On successive click on a button how we prevent multiple saving in DB from code?
 how to take left outer join in LINQ.
what is polymorphism.
thread safe singleton pattern.
class vs interface.
in a maintenance state, what would you prefer? abstract class or interface.
request handling in IIS.
diff between factory and IOC.
Fault and Fault Contract.
Façade design pattern.
Diff Factory and Abstract Factory.
Why LINQ is slow.
There are n number of services endpoints but client doesn't want to expose them in client project but single at a time. what
would be the solution?
How to handle 500 users in IIS.
Load balancer in IIS.
Diff types of Binding in WCF.
How to decide type of a binding to be used.
REST and types of binding to prefer for REST and why.
Why we prefer REST.
diff between udf. and sp.

Connection pooling
in which even we have to add attribute in controls
iis recycle
can we rename .asmx file .svc?

points to be considered while deploying the application over load balancer

Method Level Security in WCF
Binding for backward compatibility
WCF security
Unity vs MEF

SOLID and best practices
How to use observer design pattern
How to use MEF for extensibility

WCF service versioning
Method overloading in WCF
can private virtual method overridable in child class?
can class constructor has return type?
class vs interface?
can normal class can has abstract method
dispose vs finalize
can multiple catch block be executed
name some of exception in c#
value vs ref type. name some of them
how to implement priority que?
what data structure you would use for recursion?
user control vs custom control

how to know that which WCF service is hitted most?
in which scenario Web API would be better
why not you replace your wcf web services by web API
wcf vs asmx

how to know that which aspx page is hitted how many times?
how to maintain states for user level and for page level?
jQuery vs JavaScript

primary key vs unique key?
can all column of unique be not null
what is composite primary key
delete, truncate, drop
union, intersection and diff operator
types of joins








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Solve IIS 8 Error: Could not load type 'System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpModule'

October 8, 2018 17:50

Solve IIS 8 Error: Could not load type "System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpModule" (edit)

"Could not load type 'System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpModule' from assembly 'System.ServiceModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'"


As we know, applicationHost.config contains the root settings for all web sites and web applications on the server. Therefore, any web application would have all the four conflicted modules and handlers loaded by default. “ServiceModel” and “svc-Integrated” were for .NET Activation 3.x while “ServiceModel-4.0” and “svc-Integrated-4.0” were for .NET Activation 4.x. Unfortunately, the 3.x items were declared before the 4.x items. That was why the exception occurred for a .NET 4.x web application!

Then how did such a situation happen? On Windows Server 2008, it could happen when you install .NET 3.x framework or IIS 7.5 with Activation features after .NET framework 4.x is installed. However, on Windows Server 2012, it always happens when you install .NET framework 3.x with Activation features.

Microsoft officially announced the solution (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2015129) for Windows Server 2008 plus IIS 7.5: manually running “aspnet_regiis.exe /iru” for .NET framework 4.x (in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319 or C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319). However, aspnet_regiis.exe is not allowed to run for IIS 8. I tried manually changing applicationHost.config. I also tried removing and adding features in a good order. But all these solutions did not work.

The final solution was to delete the 3.x module and handler from IIS manager. You could delete them at the application or site level if you want to keep them in applicationHost.config. But I wanted to delete them from applicationHost.config. So I did the following steps:

  1. In IIS manager, click the machine name node.
  2. In “Features View”, double-click “Modules”.
  3. Find "ServiceModel" and remove it.
  4. Go back to the machine name node’s “Features View”, double-click “Handler Mappings”.
  5. Find "svc-Integrated" and remove it.

Now everything works well.



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