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Những chủ đề cần nắm vững

January 26, 2018 15:49

Những chủ đề cần nắm vững:

  • How does the web work?
  • Setting up your (free) hosting
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Responsive Design
  • MySQL Databases
  • Putting it all together: Making a Twitter clone
  • Easy-to-follow and hands-on web development with HTML5, CSS3 and some jQuery.
  • The proven 7 real-world steps from complete scratch to a fully functional and optimized website.
  • Simple-to-use web design guidelines and tips to make your website stand out from the crowd.
  • How to get and use images, fonts and icons to make your website shine — all for free.
  • Responsive web design: learn how to create websites that work beautifully on all screen sizes.
  • How to use jQuery for super cool effects like animations, scroll effects and "sticky" navigation.
  • How to optimize your website for good speed performance and for search engines (SEO).
  • How to launch your website for the world to see it.
  • Tons of modern CSS techniques to create stunning designs and effects
  • Advanced CSS animations with @keyframes, animation and transition
  • How CSS works behind the scenes: the cascade, specificity, inheritance, etc.
  • CSS architecture: component-based design, BEM, writing reusable code, etc.
  • Flexbox layouts: build a huge real-world project with flexbox
  • CSS Grid layouts: build a huge real-world project with CSS Grid
  • Using Sass in real-world projects: global variables, architecting CSS, managing media queries, etc.
  • Advanced responsive design: media queries, mobile-first vs desktop-first, em vs rem units, etc.
  • Responsive images in HTML and CSS for faster pageloads
  • SVG images and videos in HTML and CSS: build a background video effect
  • The NPM ecosystem: development workflows and building processes
  • Get friendly and fast support in the course Q&A
  • Downloadable lectures, code and design assets for all projects
  • Develop modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with Angular 4
  • Fully understand the architecture behind an Angular 4 application and how to use it
  • Use their gained, deep understanding of the Angular 4 fundamentals to quickly establish themselves as frontend developers
  • Create single-page applications with on of the most modern JavaScript frameworks out there
  • Go from a total JavaScript beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer.
  • Gain a deep and true understanding of how JavaScript works behind the scenes.
  • Understand and use complex features like the 'this' keyword, function constructors, prototypal inheritance, first-class functions, closures, and more.
  • Code two beautiful real-world apps (starter code included) and not just boring toy apps.
  • Learn how to debug your code and understand other developer's code.
  • Learn how to organize and structure your code using modules and functions. Because coding is not just writing code, it's also thinking about your code!
  • Become familiar with the new features of ES6 / ES2015.
  • Get helpful support in the Q&A.
  • Practice your new skills with coding challenges (solutions included).
  • Test your JavaScript knowledge with a final course exam containing 30 questions
  • Get lifetime access to my HD quality videos. No monthly subscription. Learn at your own pace, whenever you want.


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