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Lesson 1: Talk About Learning Experiences

July 21, 2017 10:38

Lesson 1

Talk about learning experiences

Vocabulary/ guidelines

  • Cookery course: The practice or skill of preparing and cooking food.
  • Burn the food
  • Chop/ Slice
  • Language course
  • Driving lessons
  • Use the gears
  • Dance classes
  • Memorize steps


The present perfect tense


The Present perfect tense (Thì hiện tại hoàn thành)

  • Experiences:
  • I have studied Spanish, English and
    Japanese, but I have never studied Korean.
  • Have you ever studied dancing?
  • Changes and accomplishments over time (up until now)
  • It’s the second day, and I have already learned how to slice and chop.
  • Actually, he hasn’t improved much during this course
  • Uncompleted actions
  • She hasn’t mastered ballet yet, but I think she will soon.
  • Have you studied French cooking yet?

Short conversation

Make a list of questions about the following learning experiences:

Ex: Learning languages

  • How many languages ...
  • What’s the hardest ...
  • Have you improved?
  • ...


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