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Kendo UI & React JS

April 28, 2021 22:22

Kendo UI (edit)

Kendo UI for jQuery

Samples: autocomplete (gitee.io)

Demo: Editing custom editor in jQuery Grid Widget Demo | Kendo UI for jQuery (telerik.com)

React JS

Awesome React: enaqx/awesome-react: A collection of awesome things regarding React ecosystem (github.com)

Apps using ReactJS: 10 Famous Apps Using ReactJS Nowadays | Brainhub

NET 5 + Kendo React

February 26, 2021 14:26

Kendo React (edit)





.NET 5



Core features version RestApiN.vsix extension

  • Three layers projects Api, Domain and Entity
  • Automapper
  • Dependency Injection
  • UnitOfWork
  • Generic Service
  • Generic Repository with Entity Framework
  • EF lazy loading and DB concurrency errors
  • Sync and Async calls
  • Generic exception handler
  • Serilog logging with Console and File sinks
  • Migrations and seed from json objects build your empty database
  • JWT authorization/authentication for generated API
  • T4 templates - simple code generation for domain and service classes

Extended features version RestApiNEx.vsix extension

  • All core features included.
  • Swagger and Swashbuckle API documentation for .NET and Swagger authentication
  • Select between Identity Server 4 or JWT authorization/authentication for generated API
  • T4 templates - smart code generation driven by existing entity classes (inherits from BaseEntity). T4 templates generate code for related domain, service, controller and test classes based on added entity classes in single click. Great time saver!
  • XUnit integration tests project added to the solution for IS4 mode or JWT authentication mode.
  • Postman API tests as json file for import (IS4 and JWT tests). Import json and run the tests.
  • Run Postman tests with PowerShell script with Newman command line implementation
  • DDoS API attacks protection service
  • Stored procedure example added to repository

Awesome Blazor


Awesome JavaScript




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