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NET Technology Guide for Business Applications

July 27, 2017 13:16

NET Technology Guide for Business Applications



June 8, 2017 11:44

Free eBook/Guide on '.NET Microservices – Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications'



Main topics covered by this guide

–    Introduction to Containers and Docker
–    Choosing Between .NET Core and .NET Framework for Docker Containers
–    Architecting Container- and Microservice-Based Applications
–    Microservices architecture
–    Data sovereignty per microservice
–    The relationship between microservices and the Bounded Context pattern
–    Logical architecture versus physical architecture
–    Challenges and solutions for distributed data management
–    Identifying domain-model boundaries for each microservice
–    Communication between microservices
–    Orchestrating microservices and multi-container applications for high scalability and availability
–    Development Process for Docker-Based Applications
–    Deploying Single-Container-Based .NET Core Web Applications on Linux or Windows Nano Server Hosts
–    Migrating Legacy Monolithic .NET Framework Applications to Windows Containers
–    Designing and Developing Multi-Container and Microservice-Based .NET Applications
–    Benefits of a microservice-based solution
–    Downsides of a microservice-based solution
–    The new world: multiple architectural patterns and polyglot microservices
–    Implementing a simple CRUD microservice with ASP.NET Core
–    Defining your multi-container application with docker-compose.yml
–    Implementing event-based communication between microservices (integration events)
–    The event bus
–    Tackling Business Complexity in a Microservice with DDD and CQRS Patterns
–    Designing a microservice domain model based on Aggregates
–    Domain events: design and implementation
–    Implementing the infrastructure persistence layer with Entity Framework Core
–    Designing the microservice application layer and Web API
–    Using SOLID principles and Dependency Injection
–    Implementing the Command and Command Handler patterns
–    Implementing the command process pipeline with a mediator pattern (MediatR)
–    Implementing Resilient Applications
–    Implementing retries with exponential backoff
–    Implementing the Circuit Breaker pattern
–    Implementing health checks in ASP.NET Core services
–    Securing .NET Microservices and Web Applications


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