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ASP.NET Core 5 and DDD + MediatR + CQRS

July 26, 2021 00:22

ASP.NET Core 5 + MediatR and CQRS/ES with DDD approach (edit)

Theory: ASP.NET Core 5 and CQRS/ES with DDD

What is the CQRS pattern? - Azure Architecture Center | Microsoft Docs

Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern - IBM Cloud Architecture Center

.NET 5 Source Generators - MediatR - CQRS - OMG! (edument.se)

A simple template for Onion Architecture with .NET 5 - DEV Community

Onion Architecture In ASP.NET Core With CQRS - Detailed (codewithmukesh.com)

Practice with Source Code:

EduardoPires/EquinoxProject: Full ASP.NET Core 5 application with DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing concepts (github.com)

pereiren/dotnet-template-onion: Onion Architecture with .NET 5/.NET Core and CQRS/Event Sourcing following a DDD approach (github.com)

iammukeshm/OnionArchitecture: The onion architecture, introduced by Jeffrey Palermo, overcomes the issues of the layered architecture with great ease. With Onion Architecture, the game-changer is that the Domain Layer (Entities and Validation Rules that are common to the business case ) is at the Core of the Entire Application. This means higher flexibility and lesser coupling. In this approach, we can see that all the Layers are dependent only on the Core Layers. (github.com)

edumentab/SourceGenerator-MediatR-CQRS: This is the repository for the .NET 5 Source Generators - MediatR - CQRS - OMG! blog post (github.com)



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