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Ajax Events

September 7, 2021 23:18

Ajax Events (edit)

  • ajaxStart (Global Event)
    This event is triggered if an Ajax request is started and no other Ajax requests are currently running.
    • beforeSend (Local Event)
      This event, which is triggered before an Ajax request is started, allows you to modify the XMLHttpRequest object (setting additional headers, if need be.)
    • ajaxSend (Global Event)
      This global event is also triggered before the request is run.
    • success (Local Event)
      This event is only called if the request was successful (no errors from the server, no errors with the data).
    • ajaxSuccess (Global Event)
      This event is also only called if the request was successful.
    • error (Local Event)
      This event is only called if an error occurred with the request (you can never have both an error and a success callback with a request).
    • ajaxError (Global Event)
      This global event behaves the same as the local error event.
    • complete (Local Event)
      This event is called regardless of if the request was successful, or not. You will always receive a complete callback, even for synchronous requests.
    • ajaxComplete (Global Event)
      This event behaves the same as the complete event and will be triggered every time an Ajax request finishes.
  • ajaxStop (Global Event)
    This global event is triggered if there are no more Ajax requests being processed.
   beforeSend: function(){
     // Handle the beforeSend event
   complete: function(){
     // Handle the complete event
   // ......


  • The AJAX success() method runs before the complete() method.

AJAX call process flow diagram.


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