Windows Service (edit)

  • Windows.Forms applications
  • Using a System.Windows.Forms.Timer (not System.Threading.Timer) to peform GUI updates is also a good solution.
  • Let xxx run in background


Source Code (Manage custom entities icons in a single screen)

Windows Service (HAY HAY HAY) (HAY HAY HAY)

Both System.Timers.Timer and System.Threading.Timer will work for services

Task Scheduler

Background Jobs

Set CPU Process Priority Applications in Windows 10

How to launch apps automatically during startup on Windows 10

Background Worker


.NET Framework 4.0

.NET Core 3.0

How to run background task in Outlook 2007 add-in efficiently?

  • OOM: Office Object Mode
  • OOM: Outlook Object Mode
  • COM: Component Object Model (COM)
  • VSTO Outlook Multi threading
  • VSTO Outlook Addin
  • VSTO Addin for Outlook
  • MAPI: Messaging Application Programming Interface
  • EWS: Exchange Web Services

For Console Application - Processing jobs in a console application