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Web Background Tasks with WebBackgrounder

What's new fundamental features of MVC 5:

  • Scaffolding
  • ASP.NET Identity
  • One ASP.NET
  • Bootstrap
  • Attribute Routing
  • Filter Overrides

This technique can make your background tasks within ASP.NET much more robust.

Performance Tuning - 15 Simple ASP.NET Performance Tuning Tips

  1. Measure everything
  2. Pick the low-hanging fruit first
  3. Enable compression
  4. Reduce HTTP requests
  5. HTTP/2 over SSL
  6. Minify your files
  7. Load CSS first
  8. Load JavaScript last
  9. Shrink images
  10. Check your queries
  11. Cache your pages
  12. Cache parts of your pages
  13. Content delivery network (CDN)
  14. Shrink your libraries
  15. Avoid client-side redirects

Here are a few useful links to read more:

Life Cycle

  • ASP.NET Application Life Cycle Overview for IIS 7.0
  • ASP.NET Application Life Cycle
  • ASP.NET Page Life Cycle
  • HTTP Request Lifecycle Events in IIS Pipeline (HTTP Module) (First Request) (Application, Request, Server, Session, Response, Context, Trace)

MVC Life Cycles

Route Handler




Precompile Razor Views

Precompile with MSBuild

Console App (Global Exception Handling in c#)

Console App call Web Services (ASMX)

Recurring Tasks - Schedule Tasks - Background Tasks - Multi threading with Cancellation Token (Using the cancellation token) (Review code)