Stored Procedure Generator (edit)

Stored Procedure Generator

Excel file to SQL Server

Stored Procedure Generator For SQL Server (HAY HAY HAY)

Runable: (SPGenerator.UI.exe)

Auto Generate .NET Code for an Existing Database

CommonData - Common Functions for ASP.NET projects

SSMS Tools Packs

 SSMS Tools Pack has a nice fit with your requirements. It has also some very nice and useful features for sql server users.

The feature list is given below:

  • Execution Plan Analyzer
  • SQL Snippets
  • Window Connection Coloring
  • Tab Sessions, Window Content History, Query Execution History and Current Window History
  • Format SQL
  • Search Table, View or Database Data
  • Run one script on multiple databases
  • Copy execution plan bitmaps to clipboard or file
  • Search Results in Grid Mode
  • Generate Insert statements from resultsets, tables or databases
  • Regions and Debug sections
  • Running custom scripts from Object Explorer
  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) stored procedure generation
  • New query template