Software Licensing Solution (edit)

Quick License Manager

MakeCert.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\x64\MakeCert.exe

A Ready To Use Software Licensing Solution in C# (HAY HAY HAY) (HAY HAY HAY)

Open License - .NET License Manager

.NET Licence Key Generator (HAY HAY HAY)

Applications Licensing using the .NET Framework

Simple C# Licensing (Rhino Licensing) (HAY HAY HAY) (HAY HAY HAY)

SKGL is a very simple licensing system that can be used to protect .NET Applications. It's predecessor is Cryptolens ( - a licensing system as a service (SaaS).


Easy-to-use licensing library for .NET Framework, Mono, .NET Core, and Xamarin products.

This is project is derived from Portable.Licensing library. The purpose of this fork is to add support for more .NET platforms, especially .NET Standard and .NET Core.

There is also a plan to decouple from Bouncy Castle library and use System.Security.Cryptography.Cng for modern .NET platforms.

C# WinForms Reporting

Performance Optimization