DataTable AJAX (edit) | karim42/Video-Rental: allow customer authenticated using social network and can rent a video according to my own algorithm | Namoshek/DataTables.NetStandard: Self-containing DataTable classes for the jQuery plugin that manage rendering, querying, filtering, sorting and other desireable tasks for the user. | VladimirDimov/jQuery-Datatables-Server-Side-Processing: Plugin for server side processing for jQuery datatables. | GitHub - peterschlosser/DataTablesCoreMVCEntity: jQuery DataTables Demo using ASP.NET Core MVC and Entity Framework | ArslanAmeer/Practicing-AJAX-JQuery: Working with AJAX, Performing CRUD opertaions & Embed DataTables with Complete Server side opertaion over ajax. | laythm/LMYFrameWorkMVC: a mvc framework built with many technologies and many smart solutions to make development easier , and it has many modules such as real time chatting , many plugins wrappers | peterschlosser/DataTablesCoreMVCDapper: jQuery DataTables Demo using ASP.NET Core MVC and Dapper ORM | Ermain-12/UserManagementCenter | FakeSe/DotNetDataTable-Server-side: This classes helps you to implement a .net code which render a datatable in server side, with the pagination, order and all it features. | touhidulfahim/DataTableInMVC: Jquery Datatable, JqGrid, Sorting, Searching, server side paging, | dre2004/django-datatables-boilerplate: A Django boilerplate project that will showcase using the Datatables javascript library as well as some other modern front end tools.

jQuery SCRUD

4) Infinite Scroll Pagination

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2) Laravel DataTables Ajax Crud Tutorial

Laravel DataTable Ajax Crud Tutorial:


1) PHP and AngularJS CRUD with Search and Pagination Example