Globalization, Localization, Internationalization and Multi languages (edit)

ASP.NET Globalization and Localization


   <globalization uiCulture=auto culture=auto />


Language Preference Dialog preferring French

var x = 111111111.111111111;
numFormatted = x.toLocaleString(navigator.language);
var numFormatted2 = x.toLocaleString('hihihi');
var numFormatted3 = x.toLocaleString();
var dt = new Date(9999, 11, 31, 23, 30, 45);
dtFormatted = dt.toLocaleString(navigator.language);
var dtFormatted2 = dt.toLocaleString('hihihi');
var dtFormatted3 = dt.toLocaleString();

If the toLocaleString() and localeFormat() functions don't work, you might try considering a plug-in like globalize.js, which is designed to handle implementing globalization features like you are referring to. 

I would highly recommend using a library for something like this, as it will likely be more well-tested and reliable than an attempt and manually splitting your values for every culture that you need to target.