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MVC and Entity Framework

As the others have all mentioned, MVC and Entity Framework are two distinct technologies and although they can be used together, they are by no means dependent on one another. MVC is simply a design pattern that has been adapted as one of Microsoft's development technologies (much like Web Forms, Web API, etc.). Entity Framework is Microsoft's ORM that is used to help abstract database data into "entities" which are classes that will represent all of the data in your database, allowing you to work with objects instead of pure SQL queries.

I'll include a few resources below for both ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework that should help get you started.

MVC Resources

The Getting Started MVC area on this site is a great place to start as well if you want to start learning MVC outside of a book environment. It will cover just about everything that you would need to build complete applications and it is written by experts that apply best practices to help you build good habits for future applications.

One of the most well regarded and complete MVC-based tutorials would be the ASP.NET MVC Music Store tutorial, which you can find under the MVC section of this site. However, any of the tutorials on this site should be great stepping stones to get you building your own complete MVC applications in no time.

You can find a few other resources listing off countless other MVC-based tutorials below: 

or the following more architecturally based examples :

I would definately recommend the MVC Music Store Tutorial as well as the other ones available on this site (ASP.NET) and if you are still looking for more information after that, check out some of the other links I provided. If you are still looking for some additional tutorials or other MVC based projects, you might want to dig around on open-source sites like github and Codeplex and search for a bit more complex sites and projects.

Entity Framework Resources

As far as tutorials for Entity Framework, I know I have referred to the following previously : 

Generic Resources

If you are still looking for a few other resources, I would check these out as well : 

  • Microsoft's Beginners Learning Center
  • Channel 9 - This is Microsoft's Online Video-learning area, which features videos covering basically all of the .NET environment and ranges from beginner to advanced.
  • PluralSight - This is probably one of the best resources out there for learning new technologies, although it isn't free (I believe there is a 30-day free trial though).
  • CodeAcademy - Another popular programming-centric learning site.