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Alternative to Lightswitch


Radzen is a rapid application development solution for Angular. Create responsive apps via drag and drop and connect them to REST APIs SQL databases.


A Full Stack Enterprise Java Framework with lots of out of the box functionality and amazing tooling to manage the project.


Lightswitch seems to be a good solution but the HTML UI is very poor, and Silverlight is limiting.

I am looking in general for a good rapid framework in .NET to create a mid-size CRM (data centric application).

Must Have:

  • Custom entities with many to one relations
  • Custom fields (text, combo, relation picker, date)
  • File uploads
  • Custom views for each entity with custom query
  • User management (roles & permissions)
  • HTML on the client side (not Flash or Silverlight)

Nice to have:

  • My custom fields
  • Reporting
  • Custom view per user role / user group / user
  • Multi device HTML client
  • Custom workflow

There are 2 solution that I know which are similar, but:


Here are some free alternatives to LightSwitch: