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As a project manager one would think of following things:

a- Setup code base.
b- Graphics Design Resources availability.
c- Design and architecture.
d- Meeting deadlines.

As a developer I would think of following:

a- Which design pattern to follow.
b- 4 entities. Each entitiy should provide atleast basic CRUD (Create, read, Update and Delete) operations in Data Access Layer.
c- Performance of code
d- Bug free code
e- Web Service Layer
f- Dependency Injection in code? Ninject, Unity, Autofac?
g- Repository Pattern.
h- Writing the access layer.

For a medium to large scale project i must say CodeTrigger is the best code generator tool ever.

Best Features:

a- Clean & quality code
b- Bug free code
c- Performance
d- Easily manage changes during sprints, one click and you get your code changes
e- Visual Studio integration
f- Nice Criteria query API
g- Nice Repository pattern implementation
h- Generate SQL Stored procedures.
i- Support for logging
j- Exception handling support
k- Unit of work pattern
l- Dependency injection pattern using either Unity or ninject
m- Generates interface definitions.