ASP.NET Identity (MVC) (edit)

1) Introduction to ASP.NET Identity

2) ASP.NET Identity Stripped Bare - MVC Part 1 + ASP.NET Identity Stripped Bare - MVC Part 2

3) ASP.NET Identity Tutorial – OWIN Authentication Middleware

4) Securing ASP.NET MVC Applications with ASP.NET Identity

OWIN Authentication middleware: It has dependencies on the following packages

The Microsoft.Owin namespace contains classes that support OWIN collection. The class Provides a set of helper types and abstractions for simplifying the creation of OWIN Components


This Middleware that adds the cookie-based authentication to the application. This is similar to ASP.NET’s forms authentication

Middleware that enables an application to support any standard OAuth 2.0 authentication workflow

5) A workshop for moving through the various new pieces in ASP.NET Core Authorization

6) Authorization

7) OAuth providers for Owin - OWIN OAuth Providers (

ASP.NET Identity Recommended Resources - ASP.NET 4.x | Microsoft Docs

ASP.NET Identity Recommended Resources