Angular and Asp Net Core (edit)

An Angular single-page application that authenticates users with Azure AD and calls a protected ASP.NET Core web API


Build an Authenticated GraphQL App with Angular, ASP.NET Core and Identity Server


Posts in This Series

  • Part 1: Building an authentication and identity server with IdentityServer
  • Part 2: Angular app foundation with user signup and login features 👈 You're here!
  • Part 3: Implementing an ASP.NET Core GraphQL API with authorization using GraphQL .NET
  • Part 4: Integrating Angular with a backend GraphQL API using Apollo Client

Angular 5 and ASP.NET Core

The client side:

  • Angular 5
  • Angular CLI
  • Angular Material

The server side:

  • .NET C# Web API Core 2
  • Injection dependencies
  • JWT authentication
  • Entity framework code first
  • SQL Server

Angular 5 & .NET Core

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ASP.NET MVC with Angular

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Angular Series