SimplCommerce (edit)

1) The command "npm run gulp-copy-modules -- --configurationName Debug" exited with code 134

After successful compilation, execute npm run gulp-copy-modules (the source code is in SimplCommerce.WebHost/gulpfile.js), and use node + gulp to copy all module compilation results and required resources to the WebHost directory.

The pseudo-action after successful compilation is as follows:

Copy SimplCommerce.Module.Catalog/bin/Catalog.dll to SimplCommerce.WebHost/Modules/Catalog/Catalog.dll

Copy SimplCommerce.Module.Catalog/Views/* to SimplCommerce.WebHost/Modules/Catalog/Views/

Copy SimplCommerce.Module.Catalog/appsettings.json to SimplCommerce.WebHost/Modules/Catalog/appsettings.json

Copy SimplCommerce.Module.Catalog/wwwroot/* to SimplCommerce.WebHost/wwwroot/

2) The EF Core tools version '2.1.0-rtm-30799' is older than that of the runtime '2.1.3-rtm-32065'. Update the tools for the latest features and bug fixes.